GLA:D® Switzerland course and certification

The GLA:D® Switzerland certification course is a comprehensive training programme which enables trained physiotherapists to implement best-practice recommendations for managing knee and/or hip osteoarthritis with their patients. This means that all patients with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis will receive evidence-based treatment.

The course programme includes:

  • Latest research on the degenerative process related to osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Latest findings and evidence on OA coping strategies
  • How neuromuscular exercises can be used in the context of OA changes
  • How patients can be supported in implementing neuromuscular stability in everyday life
  • How to enter programme participants in the GLA:D® Switzerland registry
  • How the programme can be implemented in a clinic, hospital, fitness centre or other suitable environment, including how to provide group sessions
  • Written examination

Would you like to offer the GLA:D® programme in your medical practice/clinic?
In that case become a certified GLA:D® Schweiz physiotherapist!

Duration: 2 days
Costs: CHF 550, incl. teaching material and subsequent access to customer documents
Course location: Winterthur, Sierre, Lugano
Payment: Invoice