GLA:D® Switzerland Back course and certification 

The GLA:D® Switzerland Back Education Course with Certification is a comprehensive training programme that enables trained physiotherapists to implement best practice recommendations in the treatment of people with chronic or recurrent low back pain. This means that all patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain receive evidence-based treatment.

The course programme includes:

  • Latest research on back pain
  • The latest findings and evidence on evidence-based treatment for back pain
  • Patient education and exercises based on the best evidence
  • How patients can be supported to manage their back pain and function well in everyday life despite back problems
  • Procedure for registering programme participants in the GLA:D® Switzerland Registry
  • How the programme can be implemented in a clinic, hospital, fitness centre or other suitable setting, including the provision of group sessions
  • Written proof of performance

The certification is reserved exclusively for certified physical therapists.
The certification is valid for three years, before expiry you will be invited to the re-certification course (1.5 hour online course) for which a fee is charged.  

Duration: 2 days
Costs: CHF 550.- incl. teaching material and electronic access to course and patient documentation 
Course location: Winterthur, Suisse Romande, Lugano
Payment: Invoice

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